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Client Testimonials

"Choosing to work with Küster Dental Office Design was the most pivotal and important decision of our renovation project. Not only did they provide a re-design plan for our office that met all of our needs, they also brought skilled contractors, product recommendations, custom interior design touches and project management that we would never have found anywhere else. Our renovation team had never worked with a designer that was so attentive and prompt in resolving construction issues. James and Küster Dental truly helped us get the most out of every dollar we spent."

- Dr Jeffrey Bennett, Dental Care LLC

"I am currently working on a project with James that involves branding and interior design ... James has an eye for interior design, whether it is for coloring or overall design of the room. I have also viewed his work at a local Dentist shop in Carmel, and it was amazing!"

- Kyle Lacey, Creative Mind, Brandswag

"I have hired James as a designer on a several projects and he has done a fantastic job. The customers love him, he always brings good design elements to the table. I would definately recommend him on any project, he is able to design any style to the customer's desire. Here recently, James brought us in to do the work on a "RUSH" project that he designed for Coca-Cola. Throughout the process James helped us with the time constraints and resolved issues to keep the project on schedule. James has established a great reputation in the industry!"

- David Decker, Owner, Affordable Kitchens and Bathrooms

"My personal experience with James has been nothing short of stellar!"

- Cindy Dunston-Quirk, President, Scout And Zoe's

"[James] has a great eye for color and a unusual ability to create interior spaces that uniquely reflect the individual personality of each client."

- James Bednarski, Bradford Systems

"James is a fantastic designer with great business acumen and is a pleasure to work with!"

- Alexandra Cabat, Exhibit Sales Manager, George Little Management

"When it comes to cutting-edge design at the highest taste level, James is world class. His ... interiors are both exciting and functional; he brings out the best in each environment."

- Matt Rouge, hired James as a designer

"James is a wonderfully creative designer, resourceful and very intelligent. He is an innovator and an inspiration."

- Dee Talbot, Owner, Jump Designs